Children's Coloring Tote: Part 2

Sew, we are back at it! This is the inside seam of my crayon bag.  I don't like how unfinished it looks.  So what I'm going to do is create matching bias tape and encase the seam. 

This is a 1/2" bias tape maker from Clover.  These little guys are great to have.

My dueling Iron and Bias Tape Maker.  I really love my iron, it's a Rowenta.  More on that later!

So taking my 1/2" tape folding it in half to make double folded tape leaves me with a 1/4".  That will just not work on that fat seam even after I trim it back.  

I just need to make my own, which is actually fun.  Take a look at this little tutorial if you need a refresher.  

Remembering how to fold the fabric correctly is the hardest part to remember for me, but once you have that down it's fun and you get to have whatever color bias tape your heart desires.  

My new tape is cut just over 2".  My double bias tape will be about a 1/2" once all the folding is done.  Remember to iron to set the folds but be careful with the steam of the iron!  You can really give yourself a bad steam burn.

Side note: I love my new Revlon nail polish!!!  It's called Chic (480).

Viola!  Way better!  The seam now blends in together and looks much more polished.

For the handles, I'm keeping with the bug theme! Buzz Buzz Buzz!

I found two bug coloring books to slip inside.  We are set!  Well as set at you can be to go to a two year olds Birthday Party and an extra bag for a future party! 

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