Camping Shower Bag

So my lovely Sister's birthday is now upon us, so guess what?  Yup, another bag! 
One of these days I'm going to jump into a quilt with you I promise I just have to get through a few more gifts first! I'm in birthday overload!

My Sister takes her family and my Mom camping all the time.  Let's be real, it's more like glamping. She has the trailer delivered where she wants it! Ha!  With three kids and my Mom...who can blame her!?  I had the pleasure of joining them this year for a long weekend at Campland on the Bay in San Diego.  Boy, was that nice.  The weather was great.  I stuck my toes in the sand and had great BBQ'ed dinners around a bonfire every night.  Not to mention quality time with the Fam!

So when I thought of a gift for her, I thought why not make her a cute Camping Shower Bag? 
It needed to be big enough to carry all of her necessities - and by necessities I mean everything but the bathroom sink! I don't think she even thinks to pack those small little containers, she's just happy if she remembers to pack all of the kids toothbrushes!  That's a (good) Mom for ya! 

Short on time, I made a make-shift sewing room out of an empty office at work.  (yes, I realize I'm blessed)  Brought the ol' handy travel iron, flip-able cutting/ironing mat and I was in service for a lunchtime sew session! Woohoo!

Since my camping trip with them I've been collecting some camping fabric plotting for the day I'd sit down and make them. I plan to make a coordinating bag for my Mom and cute little niece.   I'll use a little piece of their fabric in her bag. 

Instead of using non-fun muslin on the inside like they suggest, I thought those vintage clocks were way cuter!  Did you notice the s'more fabric?  Sew cute!!
You basically make a casing for a drawstring (that's the pink trailers on top).  

Envelope it, leaving a gap to pull thru. 
Now growing up we always said "envelope it" and that meant to sew it all around, leave a gap and pull it thru so for all of you who are scratching your head...that's what I mean.  :)

So as you know I was "roughing it" at the office...and I couldn't find a bobby pin to pull the drawstring through!  And of course throwing in the towel wasn't an option!  Look at that! A binder clip did the trick! Hooray!

And here we have it!  A cute large, carry all your goodies to the communal shower cuz we're camping bag!
This bag was super easy to sew up.  I think it took about two hours flat. And for those of you paying attention that was two lunch breaks! 
I found the free pattern on the Pellon website.

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