Sew Together Bag

I picked the wrong month to start making all future gifts handmade.  This month alone we have 5 birthdays...wrong month indeed! 

My Sister-in-Laws share the same birthday,  I decided to make them the Sew Together Bag By Sew Demented. 

I used a precut fat quarter bundle along with yardage that would tie all the fabrics together.  I love the fabric! The colorful zippers really make this bag sew much fun!
(I ended up not using that heavy jacket zipper, but maybe next time!)
This bag has three zippers on the inside and one on the outside.  In talking to my Mom about the bag, she cringed at the thought of all of those I see where I get my zipper phobia from!!! And let me tell you, it really was not that bad! 

I enjoyed making the bag. I had read online that it was a bit of a doozy.  Knowing this, I woke up early Saturday morning to tackle it! 1st and most importantly, read all of the instructions. (and make sure you have everything you need) It took me a few read throughs to really understand her verbiage.   It's an involved pattern and I feel she did a good job explaining each step. 

Steps...there are a lot of steps. This is not a bag that you just whip together. It took a surprising amount of time. I tried to really understand each step so I wouldn't waste  my time having to rip out. :)

Zipper Time!
Sewing in the pockets...
and now we have three!
Bat wings are to close up the sides. I used Interfacing not Batting and I really liked the weight. (if you don't know the difference, please see by previous post)

I enjoyed watching how this came together.
 Next is sewing down the sides, this was a little tricky but you really need to smush everything flat to get the seams to line up. Look at those fun zippers!
 Cameo! Ha! My husband took control of the camera! 
These Clover Binding Clips were very helpful.  You have a lot to hold.
 Almost there and loving what I see!
Not to brag, but I didn't need my ripper until page 11!  Job well done I think! It was the darn tabs! I folded them the wrong way. I hope my pictures help you not too!
And be sure to back stitch the side seams. Flipping them inside out will cause the seam to pull apart if you don't.

 Actually I'm super happy with the way they turned out. All of your seams are covered so it looks very polished. Great gift, if I do say so myself! :)
 Look Ma' no seams!!!

Cute, Cute, CUTE!
By the way, these were a pretty big hit.  Lori already wants three more!  What have I done?

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