Improv Color Blocks - Baby Quilt

Get ready to become addicted!  My husband had to come pull me away, literally, from making these blocks!  They're so much fun!  I had no idea how liberated I would feel making these blocks.  I enjoyed it so much, I made two quilts!  I didn't even have anyone in mind for the one, but I couldn't stop!

The pattern I used was Improv Color Blocks by Kati Spencer from Modern Quilts from the Blogging Universe.   This is a wonderful Quilt Book, filled to the gills with patters you really want to make! 

Also check out  She's still at it, with great blogs and quilts!

I pulled from my stash, using some fun bright baby prints.  It's mostly Windham Fabrics, from years back with some newly acquired fat quarters. The yardage varied,  you could also use all scraps. 

To start this little addiction, make some random size strips and start sewing them together.  
Remember to use a 1/4" seam.

In some blocks I started the center using a scrap of fabric the size of a dime!  I was creating my own fabric! And loving it! My strips were all mixed up with different sizes and colors. There is no waste of fabric in these blocks.  By the time I made my blocks my scraps could fit into a coffee mug.  It was nice putting every piece to use! If I didn't like how the block angled I'd just chop it off and keep on going.  There's no measuring, no matching up seams, it feels so RIGHT!

I should say, I got a little crazy.  My pieces became much smaller than what the pattern called for, that was just me having fun with it, and so can you!!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my husband and I.  I'm sewing in his music room, working on my Improv Color Blocks and he's behind me playing his guitar.  

That is so us!  :)   Ohh, looking closer I'm in my snow leopard glamorous!  
Here folks is a picture of me in my PJ's!  Enjoy!  Haha! #reallife.

Back to the blocks! Keep building until the blocks are roughly 10" square.  Then take 2" strips of your background fabric  and frame the blocks. Cut them down to 10 1/2"by 10 10 1/2".
Isn't it amazing how different each block can look?
This was my layout audition picture.  I really think this is a great step.  It allows you to see a different perspective than just staring at it from above. 

Below is the second one I made.  See how the background fabric is different?  And if you look at the two blocks on the right, I really started with itty bitty scraps of fabric.  It was all part of the fun seeing how little of a piece I could use.  In not knowing who these were going to, I wanted to keep them gender neutral.  Even though I used blue as the background fabric, I think a little girl could pull this off.  Maybe it's the shade of blue.  :)

I quilted this myself on a large frame using a  long arm Juki quilting machine TL 2200 QVP.  It was the first time I had ever quilted using this set up.  I can only say, it was like seeing behind the curtain at a magic show!  I was in awe!  :)

I found this fabric so cheerful and happy.  And this pattern matched it!

I really enjoyed making this quilt. I also think this would be a great first quilt due to the limited rules!  

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