Road to California: Tips and Tricks for a Quilt Show

I've gone to a lot of Quilt shows in my life - never enough shows - but a lot of them.  I love everything about them except for maybe how my feet feel afterwards! (more on that later!)

I went to this years Road to California Quilt show in Ontario, California.  It was pretty great.   The weather even cooperated.  You may be thinking the weather is always nice in Southern California, but this year we have  been getting a ton of rain! A third of the show is now held outside in a large tent because the show has become so large.  

I don't know about you, but I always prep for a large show and if you've never been to one I hope these tips will help you become a Pro!

The most important tip I have is wear comfortable shoes!!  Trust me, you will thank me later!

Next, empty out your purse!  You aren't going to want to lug around a 10 pound purse and then 20 pounds of newly purchased fabric!  I use a light smallish cross-body bag for adventures like these.  

I also carry a lightweight medium to large handmade bag to put all my newly acquired must haves in.  (Plus you're helping  the planet by not getting a plastic bag for every purchase.  They add up quickly!)

Purchase your tickets ahead of time from your local quilt store. By doing this, you don't have to wait in line at the show and your supporting your local store.  They won't be around if we don't!  Place your ticket in the bag along with some water because you're going to be talking to a lot of folks!

Be sure you know the address and show hours. Make a list of items you need or are on the lookout for.  Get a good night sleep if you can.  Like a child on Christmas Eve I'm normally super wired thinking about all the new interesting goodies I'm going to find! 

This year I wanted to show support for a wonderful sewing podcast that I love, so I was rocking my Modern Sewcity shirt!  I love this podcast, it's like having friends who are passionate about sewing sitting around with you, plus I get so inspired by all the guests. 

Enough about you want to see some of these beautiful Quilts that were on display?  I do!  Beautiful Quilts are hung in the entry way, to greet you and build on your excitement about what's to come!

Lots of Mini Quilts - they look like a painting!

Isn't this Melissa from Pink Polka Dot Chair a new line?  I think it is!  Wonderland by Riley Blake! I'm a big fan of Melissa's blog and her patterns are wonderful! 

It's very sweet.

I have this pattern. I love these fabric choices..I'm inspired!

Awe, how can you not love this?  I love it! My Mom made me a Raggedy Ann doll as a young child.  This just pulls at my heart strings. 

Ghastlies, just cuz. I love them!

I really don't have the words for this one..maybe amazingly creative?  And I love that it's just the back half and the bottom is do I dare say...catiwampus!  Had to do it!

These just look like paintings!

How is this possible?

This might need to be my new screen saver.  For the record this is an Eagles face.  I called it another type of bird, but no kids, it's an eagle!

Drum Roll Please!!

Best of Show!

My two favorite booths this year were By Annie and Fiberworks.  By Annie has some great patterns for bags along with all the hardware needed and Annie's very own Stabilizer, I should add her to our earlier blog about all the different kinds! 

Fireworks makes these amazing paper piecing patterns, they had very fun fabrics but be warned these patterns are not cheap nor for the faint of heart!  That said I purchased this house patten and it could be my most prized new goodie from the show!

Let me know your tips and tricks to having a fun day or two at a Quilt Show!

Here is a link to the Show's website: Road 2 CA Quilt Show website.  Scroll to the bottom for a handy Frequently Asked Questions section about do's and don't's at the Show!  

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