Sewing Podcast and More!

                                  My new favorite thing are Podcasts.

Really, it's my husbands fault!  We love going on little road trips.  Sometimes you just can’t get away for large chunks of time but you get that deep down nagging feeling like you really need to get away - that’s when we hit the road.  We’ve found little weekend getaways can be a big relief.  It seems to simmer that boiling tea pot until we are able to take a real vacation.  

So it was on one of these weekend trips where he introduced me to America's Test Kitchen (Chris Kimball, an ATK founder, has since created the new show 'Milk Street', which is now our favorite cooking podcast, but that's a whole other story!)  I'm not sure where I've been!  I had no idea this platform even existed.  We so enjoyed our drive learning about different cooking techniques, gadgets, chefs and more!   I was hooked.  We spend so much time cooped up in the car stuck in traffic, why not spend that time learning!!  

My husband took it one step further and says… "well you know they probably have sewing and quilting podcasts" 

I said, "......wwwwhhhhhhaaaaaattttttt?!?!?!"  

My brain started to spin, I could barely speak, I just handed him my phone!  Would you believe he was correct?? 

It was like Heaven’s gate opened as I tapped play on my iPhone and listened to Modern Sewciety.   I would hands down recommend this podcast to everyone interested in creating. And I say creating because while I might not have a passion for cooking, I love to eat, so I love hearing about the different techniques!  It might be the same thing for you!  

Stephanie, the hostess with the mostest at Modern Sewciety, is one of a kind!   This might sound weird, but I enjoy the sound of her voice.  She just sounds nice, and she has an addictive laugh.  You can just sit back and enjoy the time you share together!  I've learned so much from listening to her and diving into her podcast notes to find out more info.  I love hearing about the latest quilt pattern book, or about new websites.  For example, a site called Massdrop that sells one Quilting goodie a day.  I wake up early every morning to see what's dropping today!  Maybe not so good on my checkbook, but really interesting!  

There is a podcast out there for everyone, no matter what you're passion is. Even if you don’t have a passion and you just like good story telling.  Podcasts have enriched my life!  Really!  Let's face it, traffic in L.A. isn't going anywhere.  So as long as I'm forced to sit in my car I'm going to utilize my precious time to educate myself.  I even listen while I sew - it's like a double bonus!  I also listen while I do the dirty dishes but it's so rare, why even bring that up!?  (don’t tell my Husband, I don’t think he’s caught on yet)
If I don’t have you hooked yet, here are some of my other favorites and you let me know yours!

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