My 7 Year Picnic Quilt

I kid you not....I've had this picnic quilt completed -minus the binding- sitting around for ohhh... 7 years!  Why have I been dragging this out for so long?  Truth be told, binding is just not my favorite thing to do in the quilt making process. I still have a stack of quilts that need to be binded, but those were made last year,  and are going to be gifted this year!  What is it about hand binding that binds us up?  Well, I was binding backwards for a long time which didn't exactly help! If every you find yourself struggling with a task, go in and ask for assistance from your Quilt store!  Then practice practice practice!  I really need to get better at completing this step faster.

I have a Quilting Planner, and I think this is just the tool I need to hold myself accountable.
I'll give myself one month from quilting completion to finish the hand binding and check it off the list and move on!  Plus, this is an excellent way to keep track of what you make every month! Lets see if that works.  Seven years is just silly!  Think of all the picnics I've missed out on!  :)

I was such a different person when I started this quilt, but I do still love everything about it.
I didn't use a pattern - I just created, as I still do today.  When I think of the type of quilter I am, Modern or Traditional,  I look over the quilts I've made and believe I like to tell a story in my quilts. I like the fabric to make sense in my head; to flow.  The fabrics need to relate to each other.  Are y'all like this too?

So in this quilt, I found those ants who are trying to carry away all the picnic food adorable and they really set the mood for this quilt.  The dark red fleshy fabric reminds me of watermelon, which of course you'd want to be eating on a picnic.  Then some cute ladybugs that just might want to come down for a visit if you were having a fun time on a grassy knoll.  I think the black and white fabric is just the right about of pop.

I remember when I was making this quilt....every Saturday morning I'd pick up my Mom who lived a few blocks away and we'd head down Olive Street in Burbank, CA to go sew for the afternoon with our friend Jan.  I miss these days. I can just hear my Mom say "oh yes, that really pops!"  "Pop" was thrown around a lot in our little quilting haven.

Back to the pop...I also used the black and white fabric as the backing.  I thought if I was going to use it on grass or the beach, it would hide the soiling.  It has already been used with an unfinished binding at a movie screening at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.  It was a great time, but I was worried red wine was going to be spilt on it.  That's the trouble, I want it to be used...just very delicately like the white leather couch that the plastic has just been removed from in those old sitcoms.  :)

Back in the day, my coworkers wife long armed so I send it off with him, and soon enough it was done.  She used clear thread in the top and black in the bobbin. The motif is an apple being eaten, so there is a full apple then one with a bite taken out, and another bite taken out, then just the core.  It's perfect for this quit.  It's just a down home fun useable quilt.

We've been having some beautiful weather these days in beautiful Southern California, some would even say perfect for a picnic!

Sew well my friends! 

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