Jackpot in Vegas

Every year for work we head out to a huge convention in Las Vegas.  Every year we drive.  The employees that go change a little from year to year, but we always drive.  This year I decided to bring my sewing machine, the Janome 6600 and of course that meant I needed to bring a few projects…and of course since I’m visiting, well, I gotta check out the local Quilt stores that I’ve never been to!  
Keep in mind we arrive Sunday evening and we head out mid Wednesday.  I had big plans - I always do!  I also needed to fit in some work! 
We stayed at the Monte Carlo, which was nice.  It’s at the end of the strip.  Here's the view!

This was my room set up! I wasn't  missing a thing! 

You can even see my laptop there among the fabric.  Yes...it's closed but incase I need to work, it was right there ready to be cracked open! 

The nice staff member who brought me room service (come on!  It’s Vegas, you gotta get breakfast room service! Lobby beer, too, while on the topic of musts!!)  wanted me to make them a quilt…I’ll just add them to “the list”!  HA!

So Monday morning’ish (again it’s Vegas...) I hit the taxi line at 11am to head to the first shop, Christmas Goose Quilt Shop!  $65 dollars later…ouch!  Should have caught an Uber.  I heard you couldn’t Uber out of the Vegas Strip hotels, but you can - you just need to go to a special spot!  Livin and learning!  They have an interesting shop, and a must stop if in the area.
Next up was Sew Yeah Quilting.  They have over 3 thousand bolts!  I was in paradise!  Was this my oasis mirage in the middle of this desert?  No!  It’s real, and the staff was very nice and helpful and greeted me warmly as I walked in!  Just the experience you’d want when walking into a Quilt store for the first time!  The sun was setting, and I Uber’ed on back to the hotel ($14. should have Uber'ed the first trip!).  I found so many goodies! 

I love the experience of finding a new Quilt store and being welcomed like an old friend.  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  We are able to buy fabric anywhere, even never leaving the house.  But when you do go out of your way to shop a Quilt Store, it's so nice find a shop that appreciates it!  Building a relationship with your customers is huge and you bet I’ll be back every time I return to Vegas because of it!  For those marking your calendar that will be next year! :)

Did I accomplish all of my goals, no.  Seems I never do because there's just never enough time! I did finish this backing to one of my quilts, so I'm pretty happy with that!

Tuesday I worked my tail off (for my my actual job) then Wednesday came in a blink of an eye, and it was time to head home.  Packing up and heading out! Traveling with my sewing room was a little tough, but totally worth it!
I got to go on my own Quilt run, sew, work, and visit with some of my favorite clients and coworkers.  I hit the jackpot!  I feel very lucky without ever taking a spin on roulette!

 Sew on my friends!  Whether at home or on the road! Always bet on red!  :)


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