Glendale Quilt Show 2017

Like with any quilt show, I really can't wait until the doors open.  My heart is pumping fast, my mind is full of "what goodies will I find today", and the fright of breaking the bank and finding too much always makes me a little nervous!  Will I be able to carry home all that I purchase, or will my bag be overflowing?

The doors opened at 10am sharp in Pasadena, California for the Glendale Quilt Show and I pushed past the slower walkers (I'm only half kidding) to hit the vendors first before everything gets picked over.  Then I'll view the quilts.  You gotta have a strategy, right?  Shop first is really always my motto. :)  

I discussed not going to the show with my husband and his exact words were "why would you not go?" Gosh, I love this man.  So with that vote of confidence, I was going!

I have the oversized tote bag  (see Cutest $1Tote Bag Ever) for two reasons 1) to pass on all the plastic bags that you can collect in the day and 2) to hide all my glorious goodies from my husband when he picks me up.  That way when he see's something new laying around my workspace I can say "that old thing"!  :)  I'm just teasing.

So this show was a small show, around 30 vendors.  I had planned to be here all day, but it took all of about two hours for me to go through.  One of my favorite local Quilt Stores was there, Quilt Emporium.  They are always so sweet, and I love to support them.  I also found a new online Quilt Store called Patti Cakes.  She had lots of prints I'd never seen before.

As usual, beautiful Quilts were hung from every rafter.

You could spend hours just admiring the artwork!

Here are some of my favorites:

Luke Haynes was the featured artist.  I just started hearing about him, it was amazing to see his quilts in person.  He had some beautiful quilts that's for sure!

And look at this one!  Quite amazing!

I heard someone walking into the exhibit say..."oh these quilts are very masculine".  I guess his colors seem rich in strong solids, but a funny thing to say none the less.  Clearly Luke is very talented.

It's always nice to see familiar faces at these events.   I love to ohh and ahh at the truly beautiful pieces of art.  What can be more inspiring?

I hope you're able to catch the next show in your area.
January it will be Road to California and then QuiltCon in February.  I better start saving and doing calisthenics for these dynamic shows!  If you've never been, Goooooo!  They are amazing!  Until then, shop local my quilty friends!  

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