Road to California 2018,Sew Inspired!

I was lucky enough to be able to attend this year's Road to California Quilt Show in Ontario, you guessed it, California!  Not only did I attend on Saturday I was able to take a class on Sunday!  But first, the show...
It was a brisk morning with threatening clouds as we, my Mother and I walked quickly to the entrance.  With baited breath, we bought our tickets and rushed the double glass doors.


We had a plan...the tent (Pavilion) is always the busiest, let's hit there first and then work our way back.   The vendors were all so amazing.  Some of my favorites were...

Elkhorn Quilt Company, where we found the adorable BoxyPattern, Mom bought the kit (we'll make it together in March at our next retreat).

Fiberworks had one last kit available for me to make My Kinda Town, so I was thrilled about that!  Look how cute her booth is!  And Laura, the owner was there greeting everybody!

I want to evolve my quilting skills so I picked up a starter kit of rulers at Gina Perkes booth The Copper Needle.
Jan the owner of The Quilt House is always so nice to us.  (Years ago we visited her at her actual store in Gardnerville, a must see if you find yourself in Nevada.)  Material Girl was so accommodating and I look forward to seeing them again next month at Quiltcon!

Overall I left the show high on inspiration and with longer arms from carrying our loot. (as mentioned in last years blog, wearing the right shoes and bring a tote always helps!)
Another favorite part was meeting up with my retreat friends! Seeing all of there beautiful faces made me so happy!

Sunday I arrived again bright and early to take my Clam Shell Class, say that three times fast!
In never taking a class at a show before I was nervous, not knowing what to expect.  I tried to pack the usual must-haves for a class like chocolate and fabric but mostly chocolate.  It was a great experience and as you can guess the teacher and pattern maker, Karla was very nice and equally informative.  If nothing else the tips and tricks you learn in classes like these are invaluable!

It was great to be able to take a "lunch" break and to walk the floor again because the classroom is directly in front of the showroom!

Dangerous for my pocketbook but oh so fun!  I didn't get as far along as I'd hoped in class but I learned the skill of sewing curves confidently and how to in-set a circle and had lots of fun with mind liked quilters of all ages and skills.


I must add my Michael Miller Lovely Lamas fabric was such a huge hit classmates and instructors were leaving midclass to go back to the vendor where I purchased it!   Too fun!
Overall the entire weekend was a blast!
The pure inspiration and camaraderie at shows like this just warms my quilted heart!

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