A Quilter's Bucketlist

  • Make a red and white "Drunkards Path" Quilt
  • Join a Block of a Month Quilt Club (Let me know your suggestions!)
  • Make a traditional Sampler Quilt
  • Make all my favorite blocks from Lori Holts...Farm Girl Vintage
  • Love this Halloween Quilt, okay I love most Halloween, Quilts but really this one is Spooktacular!  It's Witch Hats! I've not seen this before!  The patterns only $6! It's called Halloween Habadashery...I don't even know what that means but I love it!
  • One more from Polka Dot Chair! If you've never checked out her site, you must!  So I'm loving this Large Hexagon Quilt.  Trust me, I need another Halloween Quilt like I need a hole in my head!!  I can't help it!  From a very young age I started collecting Halloween fabric. It's just so fun!  I can't stop!  :)
  • USE MY STASH!!!!

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