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          Santa, of all people, delivered my first sewing machine to me as a young girl.   A Singer! 20 years later, the light bulb burned out.  I loved that machine. 

            As a child, my Mom would take us to House of Fabric and Clothworld.  I loved the feel of all those bolts of fabric under my dirty little fingers  - still do!  My Mother would make my twin sister and I matching outfits.  She’d be hunched over her bed cutting out patterns on the large cardboard cutting mat.  I can still hear the sound of her rings hitting her Singer scissors.  It was magical. 

            I took Home Ec in Jr. High, and we were asked to make a pillowcase…instead I made a three-tiered gathered skirt for a class dance!  By that time, I had been designing my own clothes for years.  The Teacher called our house to ask my Mother not to assist me in my school projects.  J Ha!

            Mom belonged to a local quilting group appropriately named “The Cut Ups” in 2004.  I was invited to sit in with the group.  Soon after, I started showing up more and more.  They encouraged me to come out for a day for the Ontario Quilt shows (of course they had a hotel room right next to the show for four days!)  So it was then when I went to my first Quilt Show.   I-was-hooked!  All the vendors, FABRIC, patterns, just everyone who loved sewing all together in one happy place!  Yes Please!!!

            In 2015, I married a wonderful man from Louisiana.  I’m encouraged everyday by him. (I take over the dinning room table with all of my sewing goodies and he never complains!) He’s the one that introduced me to QuiltCon!  He surprised me with a pass for my Birthday! (See, didn’t I tell you he was great!) 

            I loved the show!  I felt as if a breath of fresh air had been blown in!  I loved buying fabric from these young pink and blue haired creative souls.  I saw some of the old faces too, but the scene seemed to be evolving and I was too!  I started taking classes and I can now say I’m mildly obsessed!  That’s right, I’m coming clean!  I really can’t get enough! I completely enjoy playing with color and brining together different fabrics.  I love mixing smaller projects in between making large quilts.  Taking pieces and creating something whole is beautiful to me.  And that is ‘About Me.’ J

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